Reported net worth: £25 millionReported net worth: £25 million
Reported net worth: £25 million

Premier League’s richest owners: Newcastle wealth compared as Jurgen Klopp hits out again - photo gallery

Here is a list of the Premier League’s richest owners with Newcastle United’s PIF ownership compared with the likes of Liverpool, Manchester United, Leeds United and more.

Since Newcastle’s £305million takeover, Chelsea have been sold while Liverpool and Manchester United have recently been put up for sale in what has been described as a ‘ripple’ effect. The Magpies have been competitive in the transfer market with over £200million spent in 2022 and that has reflected on their competitive nature in the Premier League as they sit third in the table.

This week, Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp hit out at reporters when asked about the club’s spending power this month.

“I don’t think so,” he responded when asked if Liverpool would spend heavily in the transfer market. “I talk about it because you ask but my job is to use the boys we have. No problem.

“I like the teams who line up. We cannot solve all problems in the transfer market. In a dreamland you just buy players.”

And when pushed why Liverpool weren’t spending this month, Klopp lost his patience as he said: “Do I have to tell you the money story again? Really? Do I have to tell you again?

“What could be the reason? That we have money like crazy but we don’t buy the players even if they are available?

“Why are you asking questions when the answer is on the table? I really don’t understand that. I really don’t understand that.

“You drove here today and this is the question you ask? You know the answer!”

And with Man United seeking investors and Klopp infuriated to be questioned on Liverpool’s finances again - just how does each Premier League owner’s wealth compare to each other?

Ownership models at Premier League clubs can be quite complicated with different individuals and companies owning different stakes. As a result we’ve combined the wealth of each club’s key stakeholders to reach a reported net worth figure for each side’s ownership model.

Here’s every Premier League club ranked from the lowest ownership net worth to the highest...

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