'Someone is lying': Newcastle United fans left baffled as Premier League hit back over £300m takeover

Newcastle United fans have taken to social media to voice their opinions following yet ANOTHER takeover twist.

Thursday, 10th September 2020, 4:00 pm
(Photo by Alex Morton/Getty Images for Premier League)

However, in a statement released this afternoon, the Premier League said “the club’s assertion that the takeover has been rejected is incorrect”, and that it could “proceed to the next stage should the relevant entities provide all appropriate information.”

Indeed, this completely contradicts United’s statement, which also insisted “the club has provided the Premier League with overwhelming evidence and legal opinions that PIF is independent and autonomous of the Saudi Arabian government.”

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We’re confused. Newcastle fans are confused. Here is just some of the reaction from Twitter:

@PeterDonnelly91: Tactics from Ashley to put more pressure on the Premiership. as much as I want this takeover to happen, I’m certainly not going to start taking sides with a man who’s lied to the fans for 13 years.

@ConnorJobson18: So it’s back to “we’re not gonna reject it but we’re also not gonna accept it either”

@magpie_southern: So basically it's PL lawyers opinion vs NUFC and consortiums lawyers?

@Fozzie94: So basically we are back to where we were this time yesterday??

@aarongre23: So the PL are saying they didn't get the information to proceed to the next step but everybody on our side is saying they did, so someone's lying through their teeth?

@danny5590: This is doing my head in! I wanted it to be true that the PL rejected it so it could go to court. Someone is lying.

@ToonArmyKW: I think this is big. Door is open again.

@craig_deacon: An absolute mess, this could only happen to Newcastle United

@lukeAryan1898: Consortium needs to confirm if they will appeal the rejection or simple say it’s over. This on/off narrative needs to stop!

@TheRealThorcast: Wait what? So there wasn't a decision. But the decision made wasn't done by one person..... contradicting response.