Steve Bruce has a Newcastle United takeover request – for the media

Steve Bruce has reiterated his demand for a takeover decision from the Premier League.

The Premier League has been considering a proposed £300million takeover of Newcastle United since April.

There’s an impatience for a decision on Tyneside, while Bruce last week said he was “fed up” with the process.

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And United head coach Bruce said: “We certainly need a decision. I said this weeks ago about the takeover – it's hanging over us.

"Why don't you guys (the media) get stuck into the Premier League? Get struck into them – and demand a decision. That would give us a bit of clarity, but my job at any club I go to is to try and make it better, and make the squad better, and, certainly, that's going to be the aim again this summer.

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There were hopes at the start of the approval process that there would be a decision from the Premier League within weeks.

However, the test has now taken more than three months – and Bruce wants “clarity”.

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Steve Bruce.

"We can't influence the takeover, but there has to be clarity in that decision,” said Bruce. “We need a decision – we'd all like a decision.

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"You (the media) would like one – you've all been saying in the papers it's going to happen for the last 15 weeks! My job’s to prepare as best we possibly can.”

Meanwhile, Bruce says his Newcastle’s will need more than two weeks off at the end of the season.

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"I’d imagine the players aren’t going to have any more than three weeks off,” said Bruce. “I do believe the players all need to take a break, all need to shut their bodies down a little bit. It's relentless what they've been doing.

"In difficult times they've kept themselves fit. They need to shut down and take a break. A two-week break is certainly not long enough in my opinion.”