This is a conversation Steve Bruce will NOT have with Matt Ritchie

There was joy. And then came the pain.

Keith Robinson’s celebration of Isaac Hayden’s 94th-minute in Saturday’s 1-0 win over Chelsea was cut short – after a jubilant Matt Ritchie booted the corner flag in his direction.

The uprooted flag struck the Newcastle United fan’s groin – and a clip of him bent over in agony as others celebrated around him went viral. Robinson, however, took it well, though he was “slightly tender” the following day.

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“It was slightly tender (on Sunday), but I’m absolutely fine,” said Robinson. “There’s been a twitter apology from Ritchie and the club, but, yeah, there’s just been a lot of hilarity over the course of the weekend – you get no sympathy from the lads.”

Will head coach Steve Bruce tell Ritchie to stop kicking corner flags? Bruce said: “You tell him! I’m sure the geezer doesn’t mind anyway.”

Matt Ritchie.Matt Ritchie.
Matt Ritchie.