What Newcastle United consortium communications prove about status of Saudi takeover

Thirteen tweets. Just four non-Newcastle United takeover or Premier League-related.

Thursday, 15th October 2020, 4:39 pm

PCP Capital Partners’ Mehrdad Ghodoussi, husband of Amanda Staveley, only joined Twitter this year, but despite his relative inaction, his main focus when active has seen him either make comment on goings on in the Premier League and/or at Newcastle United.

And his latest actions, his first since September 23, prove that – as revealed by the Gazette in the last seven days – takeover talk remains very much on the agenda within the halls of power at St James’s Park and in the gulf.

Commenting on the result of the Premier League vote on Project Big Picture, Ghodoussi said: “Glad to see the ‘big six’ rejecting their own plan – obviously well thought out. #20clubs#premierleague."

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Ghodoussi also made his thoughts clear in the run up to the vote, following the unusual leak of the news over the weekend.

He said: “Monopolies destroy competition....what makes the premier league the best league in the world is seasons like 2015/16 #PremierLeague #20teams.”

And when Newcastle United fan Alan Findley (@FindleyAlan) responded with: “2015-16 was brilliant for Leicester and football as a whole. Not so much for NUFC BUT, that is football.” Ghodoussi replied: “Exactly!”

Are these the actions of someone totally switched off from a takeover on Tyneside? They do not seem as such.

Mehrdad Ghodoussi with wife Amanda Staveley.

It’s the Gazette’s understanding that legal conversations remain very much on the agenda with Mike Ashley and Justin Barnes heavily involved of late.

While Barnes and Ashley have been tasked with pushing the deal through by the consortium, all parties are believed to be very interested in getting a deal concluded – despite rumours to the contrary – and are working together to achieve that.

Ghodoussi’s 13 tweets and three replies

Oct 14: “Glad to see the ‘big six’ rejecting their own plan - obviously well thought out #20clubs #premierleague.”

Oct 14: “Exactly! (replying to a fan about Leicester City’s title winning season and NUFC’s misfortune in the same campaign)”

Oct 13: “Monopolies destroy competition....what makes the premier league the best league in the world is seasons like 2015/16 #PremierLeague #20teams.”

Sep 23: “Wishing Saudi Arabia a Happy National Day #SaudiNationalDay #SaudiArabia #vison2030.”

Aug 14: “You can’t go wrong with a bit of Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up youtu.be/dQw4w9WgXcQ via @YouTube #nufc #nufctakover.”

Aug 5: “Piracy is a global issue that needs to be dealt with. It’s unacceptable and requires the support of governments. Thank you #saip for your continued efforts to stamp it out in Saudi Arabia #nufctakover #saudi.”

Jul 30: “We could not have asked for better partners than @PIF_en and @jamiereuben. Throughout this time, they have shown nothing less than 100% commitment and a passion for #NUFC and its fans. They are truly gutted at this unwanted outcome.”

Jul 30; “They have been an honour to work with. Full of integrity and passion for the club. We could not have asked for a better partner (replying to a fan question about PIF).”

Jul 30: “We share the same pain. We are truly devastated (replying to an NUFC fan query).”

Jul 30: “#nufc #greatestclubinthworld.”

Jul 30: “Our consortium is devastated: over a years work, millions of pounds spent. But our biggest heartbreak is for Newcastle, it’s fans and the city. We share your pain.”

Jul 30: We have tried everything....(replying to a fan about breakdown of original deal)”

Jul 30: “Amanda and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the incredible fans of #NUFC for their support. You are truly amazing!!!”

Jul 11: “RIP Jack Charlton #LegendsNeverDie”

Jun 2: “#blacklivesmatter #SayNoToRacism #BlackOutTuesday.”

Apr 14: “God bless you Sir and all the brave men and woman of the NHS (referencing a story on Captain Tom Moore)”