Stewart Donald provides an update on Juan Sartori's involvement in Sunderland

Stewart Donald has revealed the latest on Juan Sartori – having responded to claims regarding Mark Campbell’s attempted takeover.

Sunday, 28th July 2019, 9:59 am
Stewart Donald has revealed the latest on Juan Sartori at Sunderland

In a revealing interview, Campbell revealed that a change in the terms of the deal saw his four-man consortium take a step back from negotiations.

“We had the club valued and our price that we agreed to buy the club at the very start, when we first made the bid, dramatically changed as time went on,” Campbell explained

“There were certain components of the deal at the end that weren’t going to work for the club.”

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But Donald has now offered his take on why the deal didn’t materialise – suggesting that Campbell’s proposal wouldn’t have left the club in a better position were they to be promoted, with Sunderland’s search for investment having been consistently focused on pushing the club on should they reach the Championship.

Speaking at a supporters’ talk-in, hosted by the Wise Men Say podcast team, Donald said: “Would we have any more money to spend in the Championship under that proposal? I wouldn’t say so, no.”

While Campbell failed to rule out a return bid, Donald suggested such a move was unlikely.

And the Sunderland owner also provided an update on co-owner Juan Sartori, who he believes will be more involved in some ‘exciting developments’ in the coming months.

“Now he’s not going to be president, he’s back and quite vocal,” he added.

“Hopefully you’ll see some exciting developments soon which will involve Juan.”