This is why Sunderland and Sheffield Wednesday fans are being urged to arrive early

Sunderland face Sheffield Wednesday at the Stadium of Light in the first leg of their massive play-off clash this week – and a group of supporters have major plans around the game.

We caught up with Sunderland supporter group The Spirit of 37 ahead of the clash against Sheffield Wednesday at the Stadium of Light on Friday, with the club confirming on Wednesday that 40,000 tickets have been sold:

Here’s what The Spirit of 37 had to say about their plans:

Who are The Spirit of 37?

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The Spirit of 37 (not 73) are a fan-led group, whose aim is to improve the Stadium of Light atmosphere by way of displays and tifos. We are newly formed, but we all led on the flag displays that have been happening all season as part of RAWA.

How much money have Sunderland fans contributed so far and how can they donate?

So far we’ve raised £3350. This is all through fan donations, for which we are eternally grateful. Yet again Sunderland fans have shown themselves to be the most generous fans! All the money raised will go to displays. If people want to donate, they can do so by clicking this link.

Sunderland fans in action.Sunderland fans in action.
Sunderland fans in action.

What are your plans for the Sheffield Wednesday game?

Our plans for the Sheff Wed game are a closely guarded secret. However, we have teased elements on our Twitter, which can be found at @the37safc

The display will consist of placards, flags, banners and an as yet unseen element. Teaser going out this afternoon! This will be the most complex display the Stadium of Light has ever seen!

What time should fans aim to be at the ground and what do they need to do?

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If fans want to help set up, there are two groups going in early. They are meeting at 4pm & 5:30pm at the Bob Stokoe statue. A member of the group will meet them there and take them into the ground. If they have any questions, contact us on Twitter.

We need all fans to be in their seats at 19:30, 15 minutes before Kick off. The display will take all fans to execute, so we can’t stress this point enough!

This is only the beginning. It has taken an unprecedented amount of work by the group this week. The short turnaround and the bank holiday has left us with very little time.

We’ve put in about 50 hours of work between the four of us this week, all whilst having full-time jobs. The ideas we’ve discussed for future displays are very exciting and we can’t wait to put them on for everyone.

Are The Spirt of 37 planning anything for next season and beyond?

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Not to tempt fate, but plans are already in motion for a Wembley display should we get there. If not, next season’s displays will continue with gusto. Fans can support us both by volunteering on match days to set up, and financially via the go fund link.

The only way is up!