'We believe about 15 clubs would vote against' - Blow to Sunderland's slim promotion chances

Rotherham United chairman Tony Stewart has claimed there are 15 clubs in League One which will vote to end the season.

The EFL clubs will finally vote on a range of options on Tuesday with Sunderland’s chances of completing the season shortening by the day.

Clubs are being asked to either resume or curtail the campaign, with Sunderland’s only chance of promotion relying on the season restarting as they would miss out on the play-offs should the table be decided by a points-per-game formula.

Stewart said: "The consensus we get is there is no desire to complete the fixtures.

Alim Ozturk in action for Sunderland.

"We believe about 15 clubs would vote against carrying on.

"I don't think for one minute the team that is fourth bottom, just out of the relegation positions, is going to want to continue and the teams right up to 10th will feel the same.

"The fact is it is going to cost us £150,000 to do the testing and you have to bring people out of furlough."

The EFL board have signalled their strong preference that clubs vote to settle tables on a points-per-game formula in the event of a curtailment, with four teams contesting the play-offs as usual.

A 51% majority in each division would then be required to curtail.

A number of alternative proposals will be voted on, including the principle of no relegations throughout the pyramid, and no relegation from League Two.

Also on the table will be a proposal from Tranmere Rovers, which would see the PPG formula used but with a ‘margin of error’ applied.