Tell us what you think about the European Super League in our 'For the Fans' survey

The proposed launch of the breakaway European Super League, with the so-called 'Big Six’ Premier League teams at its centre, is threatening the fabric and future of English football.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 20th April 2021, 3:42 pm

On the field, the competitive nature and ability of clubs to progress through the football pyramid will be reduced, while off the field, revenues will be in danger of collapsing which will have a knock-on effect for our communities, not just our clubs.

There has been widespread anger against the plans. From the corridors of power within Downing Street, UEFA and the Premier League to the ordinary fan in the street.

That's why we have launched our For the Fans campaign, the aims being to:

Take part in our 'For the Fans' survey and have your say on the plans for a European Super League.

protect our clubs and communities against ESL impact highlight the potential repercussions to our communities and readers push for full-scale reform of football governance and football finance encourage a fan-led review to give supporters a bigger say in future of their club

Now we want to hear about what YOU have to say about how this proposal would affect YOUR club.

Do you think the new league will be good for football? Or the communities they are part of? Should the ‘Big Six’ be kicked out of the Premier League? And should players of clubs taking part be banned from playing international football in future?

These are just some of the questions we want to hear your opinions on.

Please let us know your views by taking our quick survey here and we’ll bring you the results in the days ahead.