Martin Dubravka recalls moment he was concerned for Liverpool's Mohamed Salah

Martin Dubravka said he was concerned about Mohamed Salah after colliding with the Liverpool striker.
Mohamed Salah is stretchered off. (Pic: Martin Swinney)Mohamed Salah is stretchered off. (Pic: Martin Swinney)
Mohamed Salah is stretchered off. (Pic: Martin Swinney)

Goalscorer Salah was taken off on a stretcher after lengthy treatment in Newcastle United’s 3-2 defeat at St James’s Park on Saturday.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said: “Mo got the hip of the goalie in his head, and then was on the ground.

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“The doctor had to make a decision – on the pitch or off the pitch – and the decision was off the pitch and we accept that of course.

“When we came in, he was sitting in the dressing room and had watched the game.

“He was then fine, but, of course, we have to wait. He got a proper knock in that situation. We’ll have to see.”

Dubravka and team-mate Fabian Schar were concerned for Salah as he lay on the pitch following the collision.

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“I didn’t hit him with my hand, I didn’t punch him,” said Dubravka. “It might have been my hip.

“I wasn’t sure if it was me or someone else. But I went to him to say ‘sorry’. But I was not trying to injure him – I’m not that kind of guy.

“I felt sorry for him, but I was just focused on the ball. Sometimes, you can’t watch everything.”

Asked if Salah responded when he spoke to him, Dubravka said: “He answered something.

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“But I don’t know if he was out for five or six seconds, because Fabian asked him if he was all right, and he didn’t answer him, so in that moment we were a little bit scared about if he was OK.

“But after one minute, he responded. I’m happy that he’s OK.”