Legendary wildlife expert and broadcaster David Attenborough voted UK's top male

According to new research, the UK has dubbed David Attenborough the ‘most admirable male’.

David Attenborough takes the top spot with 17 percent of votes from a pick of 30  celebrities
David Attenborough takes the top spot with 17 percent of votes from a pick of 30 celebrities

The stats from 888poker come ahead of Father's Day on Sunday June 17.

The survey shows that 36 percent of Britons crowned ‘intellectualism’ as the most admirable trait, which is why national treasure, David Attenborough, scooped the top spot – while the trait ‘social status’ came in last at 5 percent

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The top five most admired male celebrities as voted by the British public are as follows:

David Attenborough

Brian Cox

Cristiano Ronaldo

Tom Hardy

Prince William

Attenborough won by a clear mile – whereas pop culture stars Alan Carr and Kanye West received the least votes.

Furthermore, both men and women in the UK agree that intelligence is the most admirable trait, with David Attenborough topping the poll for both genders.

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Interestingly, for women, Attenborough was closely followed by scientist Brian Cox – showing that intelligence does prevail. On the other hand, footaller Cristiano Ronaldo ranked second for men – despite appearance and sporting ability reportedly being low on the agenda for males.

What’s more, Gen Z bucks the trend as they value social status higher than any other age group whereas the 65 and over members of the population don’t value it at all.

In fact, the 65 and over category claim to admire royals, Prince William and entrepreneurs like Sir Alan Sugar in comparison to the likes of Gen Z who don’t appear to admire royals, but more figures such as Ronaldo, actors Tom Hardy and George Clooney and broadcaster and culture commentator Louis Theroux.