Four-part ITV documentary on Tyne and Wear Metro to air for first time this week - this is when you can watch it

The Tyne and Wear Metro network is a huge part of everyday life in the North East region.

The first part of a four-episode documentary on the Tyne and Wear Metro will air on Tuesday, January 14.
The first part of a four-episode documentary on the Tyne and Wear Metro will air on Tuesday, January 14.

And in the ins and outs of how it operates and serves the public will be thrown into the spotlight as part of a new documentary series, which is starting this week.

The series will follow the highs and lows of summer 2019 and provide an insight into how staff handled the biggest events of the year – including the Great North Run and the Spice Girls at the Stadium of Light.

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    Nexus gave film crews unprecedented access to the network to put together the programme, with Tuesday’s episode taking a closer look at the stadium concert, which was one of 2019’s busiest days for the Metro team.

    Tobyn Hughes, Nexus Managing Director, has spoken of his team’s excitement ahead of the show’s debut – and added that he hopes the public will enjoy an inside look at the hard work which goes on behind the scenes.

    He said: “Our story is our passengers and our staff, so we were keen to share this through a documentary series as Metro gets ready to mark its 40th year.

    “When we were approached about allowing TV crews unprecedented behind the scenes access, despite the challenges we face with a 40-year old fleet of trains, I had no hesitation in breaking with tradition and giving it the green light.

    “This ITV series will show viewers some of the amazing people who work around the clock to deliver the Metro service to the people of Tyne and Wear over one of our busiest ever summers, culminating with the Great North Run.

    “Metro is firmly part of everyday life and it has become an iconic regional brand over the years. It is part of the unique fabric of the North East that sets it apart from the rest of the country: friendly, hardworking, and with a unique cultural identity.”

    What can we expect from the first episode?

    The programme will mark the transport network's 40th anniversary.

    Their appearance saw 50,000 fans travel from far and wide – putting additional pressure on Metro’s already-stretched resources.

    Every Metro train needed to be in use to cope with the extra passengers numbers, and planning had to be on point to ensure the system was running smoothly, and to full capacity.

    Drama will then unfold across the day as head of operations Wayne Dixon spots a potential problem with an overhead line.

    Cameras will show some of Metro’s 1,100 staff dealing with the biggest events of the year.

    Mark Robinson, the series’ executive producer, said filming gave a “fascinating” change to see just what goes into keeping the network, and its passengers, on the move.

    “We were delighted to be the first production team allowed to film in depth behind the scenes on the Metro,” he said.

    “We know it’s become an iconic part of North East life over the last 40 years but now viewers all across the UK will be finding out about it.”

    The first episode will be broadcast from 7.30pm until 8pm on Tuesday.

    Nexus, the public body which owns and manages Metro, gave unprecedented access to film crews over the busy summer of 2019.