Enjoy Hadrian’s Wall 1900 Festival events at Arbeia, South Shields Roman Fort this summer

Visitors can enjoy a number of Hadrian’s Wall 1900 Festival events taking place at Arbeia, South Shields Roman Fort this summer.

On Thursday, July 28, Dr Bike will be at the fort offering a free, drop in ‘Learn and Fix’ session from 10am - 4pm. This session is open for all types of bicycles from children's bikes to mountain bikes, shoppers to racers. Visitors can learn how to: adjust gears, tune up their bike, fix a flat tyre, replace minor components and more.

From July 30 July to August 1 'Off the Wall' comes to Arbeia, a new family friendly play written by 'Horrible Histories' author Terry Deary, and created by The Customs House.

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The play tells the story of rival Romans and Britons competing to outdo each other as they prepare for the arrival of the Emperor Hadrian, who is on his way to Tyneside to celebrate the building of his Wall. Tickets cost £5 per person and are available at The Customs House box office.

The Lost Fort. An artist's rendition of a wooden Roman fort.The Lost Fort. An artist's rendition of a wooden Roman fort.
The Lost Fort. An artist's rendition of a wooden Roman fort.
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On Saturday, July 30, Northern Proud Voices - the North East’s largest and longest-running choir for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender people and allies will perform original songs by musician Nicky Rushton, inspired by the love story of Emperor Hadrian and Antinous.

Hadrian is known to many as the famous wall builder, but little is known of his partner Antinous and his life as a gay man. This event is part of ‘Hadrian and Antinous: A Gay Love Story’ a Curious Arts project, in collaboration with artist Richard Bliss and Nicky Rushton.

The performance starts at 2pm and is free to watch.

There will also be temporary mini exhibition ‘The Lost Fort’ on display exploring tantalising evidence of a Hadrianic period fort in South Shields that predates the excavated remains of the stone fort of Arbeia, built around the year AD 163. Hadrian was the Roman emperor from AD 117 to 138, and this exhibition forms part of the Hadrian’s Wall 1900 festival, celebrating 1900 years since the building of Hadrian’s Wall began in AD 122.

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Entry to the fort is free, for full details of opening times, events, tickets, and facilities available, please visit the website www.arbeiaromanfort.org.uk.

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