Great North Run 2023: Here's all the ballot and membership information and how you can get involved

The build up to one of the largest annual events in the North East has begun.

That’s right, it may only feel like a few weeks ago that all eyes were on Tyne and Wear for the 2022 edition of the Great North Run, but some places for next year’s event are already being taken.

There is no need to panic if you want to run the half marathon from Newcastle to South Shields next year, though. There are plenty of ways to get involved and make sure you can still race through the 13.1 mile city-to-coast route.

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When does the Great North Run 2023 ballot open?

Great North Run 2023: All the ballot and membership information and how you can get involved (Photo by Ian Forsyth/Getty Images)

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    The offical date for the opening of the 2023 ballot is yet to be announced by the Great Run team. Last year the system allowed potential runners to put their name down on Monday, January 10, although there is no indication it will be a similar date this time around.

    The Great Run website offers a ballot reminder service to keep potential runners updated when news surrounding the ballot is announced.

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    Can Great North Run members sign up to the 2023 run early?

    Membership is a great way for runners to make sure they can get a confirmed place for the Great North Run, although it is a long term dedication! Anyone who signs up to the membership scheme has the privilege of getting guaranteed entry to the next three Great North Runs, but spaces get filled very quickly.

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    Anyone looking to become a member will now need to wait until after next year’s race to try and get a membership place for the 2024, 2025 and 2026 races with membership this year already sold out. Members still need to pay the entry fee and register for the race for the three years they are members.

    Members who are running in the 2023 race should receive emails throughout November which will allow them to confirm their place in the 2023 run with some members already confirming their places.

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    How can I run the 2023 Great North Run for charity?

    After their registration and confirmation of their place, each runner is able to start their own online fundraising page for their chosen charity.

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    Another way to run the Great North Run while avoiding the ballot is to run via a charity place. Each year the run organisers allocate spaces to charities to fill themselves. These spaces are often in high demand and each charity have their own fundraising targets which runners must reach.

    The full list of 76 affiliated charities can be found through the Great North Run website, although to apply to run for them potential runners need to apply through the charity directly.

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    How many people run the Great North run?

    Over 60,000 people are expected to take part in the 2023 edition of the Great North Run. There is no breakdown of how many of these will be charity or membership places.

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    When is the 2023 Great North Run?

    The next Great North Run will be happening on Sunday, September 10. Organisers expect the first participants to get underway at 10:45am.