Rewinding The Welfare State: A film looking at the social development of the North East to be shown in Jarrow

A film exploring an amazing century of change is to get a special screening in a South Tyneside community.
A trip back in time: Jarrow in the 1920'sA trip back in time: Jarrow in the 1920's
A trip back in time: Jarrow in the 1920's

Jarrow and Hebburn Local History Society have secured the rights to show residents and history fans the exciting new film project Rewinding the Welfare State.

The production looks at the social history of the North East through local news reports, Tyne Tees Television documentaries, trade union campaigns, community films and more.

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It examines how the welfare state has impacted on the social development of our region from the 1920s to today.

Vice Chair of the Jarrow and Hebburn Local History Society, Paul Milburn, spoke of the importance of North East residents knowing the history of the area.

He said: “I think it is very important for North East residents have some awareness of their local history. It gives them a sense of who they are and has probably shaped their lives to some extent.”

Audiences will be invited to share their thoughts on the film as it explores how accessing healthcare, housing, education, social security, pensions, and other human rights entitlements, has changed over the years.

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Paul is hopeful audiences will enjoy the film and that it can create discussion on the current state of the North East.

He added: “I'm excited about seeing the film as a lot of the footage has not been viewed in public before.”

“It’s a two hour event which includes pauses for discussion to draw on personal experiences or stories that have been handed down over the years, so I'm hopeful of audience participation to hold the interest of the group.”

Much of the footage in the film hasn’t been seen since it was first used and are part of the extensive collections at North East Film Archive.

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‘Rewinding The Welfare State’ is part of their North East on Film project which aims to connect people and communities of the region with their film heritage.

The film will be shown in the recently refurbished Theatre Room in Jarrow Focus on Wednesday October 16 and tickets are available from just £3.50. For more information and to order tickets contact [email protected]