St George, COP26 and The Clangers: 11 quiz questions for this weekend

Here are another 11 quiz questions on a variety of topics for you to try. Have a go at them with your family and friends, but don’t forget to share on social media, then bicker.

The answers can be found below the 11 questions. As usual gloating is allowed afterwards, but no cheating. Right.

1. Which former boxer is the current mayor of Kyiv?

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2. In which city was the COP26 climate conference held in December 2021?

Another 11 quiz questions for you to argue about.
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    3. Which Radio 4 panel show has been hosted by Miles Jupp, Sandi Toksvig and Barry Took?

    4. Which comedian, actor and writer narrated The Clangers when it returned to television in 2015?

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    5. Which midfielder finally scored his first England goal at the 2020 European Championships in what was his 62nd appearance?

    6. Which male artist recorded the 1966 album Blonde On Blonde?

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    7. Which astronaut died on August 25, 2012 in Ohio aged 82?

    8. Which former model married the musician Jamie Cullum in 2010?

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    9. St George is generally thought to have been born in which country in the third century AD?

    10. Which former Gogglebox star won the 2016 series of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here?

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    11. Who resigned as government spokesperson for the COP26 summit in December 2021, after remarks she had made about Downing Street parties were made public?


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    1. Vitali Klitschko 2. Glasgow 3. The News Quiz 4. Michael Palin 5. Jordan Henderson (against Ukraine) 6. Bob Dylan 7. Neil Armstrong 8. Sophie Dahl 9. Turkey 10. Scarlett Moffatt 11. Allegra Stratton

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