Red Bull's Quicksand race is coming to Sandhaven Beach this summer.

19 pictures of what to expect from the brutal Red Bull Quicksand race coming to South Shields this summer

Red Bulls brutal Quicksand race is coming to South Shields for the first time this summer – this is what you could be up against.

The one-mile event will see runners battling through a series of obstacles – including trenches, dunes, rollers and giant sandcastles – to make it to the finish.

Last year the the tallest climb on the course was a staggering 23ft – almost the height of two double-decker buses – and the 2020 edition promises even bigger and tougher obstacles.

Open to 750 participants, the knockout format is expected to be more competitive this year, with the top finishers in each heat taking on the course all over again in the semi-finals and, if successful, the finals.

Entries are now open for this year’s event at

If you think you’ve got what it takes, here’s a taste of what you could be up against.

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