Wifi, charging points and air conditioning - Everything you need to know about the top features of the new Metro trains

As Nexus announces that Swiss firm Stadler has been awarded a £300million contract to build a new fleet of Metros, here are all the features you can expect on the brand new trains.

By Sophie Brownson
Tuesday, 28th January 2020, 10:20 am
Updated Tuesday, 28th January 2020, 11:50 am

And as well as a more modern look, the trains are expected to boast modern features including wifi and charging points in a bid to assist the needs of its passengers.

The contract with manufacturer Stadler will see it build an initial order of 42 trains and a depot as part of a £362million investment, which also includes construction led by Nexus of a satellite depot at Howdon, North Tyneside, and wider project costs and contingencies.

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Meanwhile the £70m new train depot will feature sedum roofing, rainwater recycling, daylight capture and other environmental features.

Nexus says the heavy investment will transform performance and passenger experience, deliver huge energy savings and secure and create hundreds of jobs in the UK supply chain.

And the design of the new trains will come as good news for passengers – as Nexus says they have been created based on the ideas and suggestions of more than 3,000 passengers on how best Metro’s new fleet of trains could meet their needs.

Nexus, the operator of the Tyne and Wear Metro service, has revealed what their new trains will look like. Image by Nexus.

The operator says the brand new fleet will cut Metro’s high voltage power consumption by 30%, while providing a service that is 15 times more reliable than the current fleet.

Here are some of the key features passengers can expect to benefit from:

: A total of 42 new trains carrying 600 passengers each.

: The trains will be one single train so passengers can walk right through.

: There will be air-conditioning, plus heated floors in winter.

: Wifi will be available.

: Mobile phone charging points will be available throughout the train.

: Four wheelchair spaces per train plus bike/buggy/luggage areas.

: Retractable step at every door - 16 in total.

: Information screens throughout the train.

: Digital CCTV cameras in each train.

Stadler was chosen by Nexus after an 18-month global search for the best manufacturing partner for 42 new trains to be delivered up to 2024.