SHAPING UP: Don’t let lack of time be an excuse to avoid having a regular fitness routine

Do you know one of the top reasons people have for not being able to commit to a regular fitness routine? It’s because they say they “don’t have enough time”.

"Turn household chores into a cardio session by turning up the music and moving fast enough to get your heart rate up."
"Turn household chores into a cardio session by turning up the music and moving fast enough to get your heart rate up."

So in this article, I’m going to break down some ways you can find that time!

This quote pretty much sums up why this matters: “If you don’t make time for your wellness, eventually you will have to make time for your illness.”

Even committing to just five minutes can help transform your routine.

Over time, after that five minutes takes root, it can grow to 30 minutes that you enjoy and look forward to.

Ten Ways to Find Time for Your Fitness:-

Get up first thing in the morning and go for a walk or do a cardio session.

Take a walk or do a workout during your lunch break.

Do strength exercises while watching TV at night (planks, bridges, squats, etc.).


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Turn household chores into a cardio session by turning up the music and moving fast enough to get your heart rate up.

Turn your date nights into “fun” nights – go skating, try tennis, go for a bike ride, or be active! (The same goes for family activity days.)

Have a plan for your nutrition and your workouts. When you have a plan in place, following it is a no-brainer!

Make an appointment with your calendar every week and block time for your health and fitness into your schedule (workouts, meal planning, shopping, and prep, etc.)


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Find things you love – whether it’s food choices or exercise choices. You’ll start looking forward to it.

Get support and accountability either in-person or online. Sometimes all you need is a cheerleader.

Wear a fitness tracker and set daily movement goals. Don’t go to bed until you meet those goals!

Another way to make the most of your time:


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Hire an experienced trainer/coach who can create a plan that works with your lifestyle, helps keep you motivated, and provides accountability and support every step of the way.

All of our programmes (1:1 PT, Small Group PT and Boot Camp) do just that!

Want to know more? Call Graham on 07875548880 or email [email protected]

Go and try it today… sneak away for just five minutes and take action (stretch, blast out a set or two of push-ups/lunges, go for a brisk walk … just do one thing).


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You will feel accomplished afterwards!

Graham says: “When I left school, I spent four years as a professional footballer at Hartlepool United. I had a reasonably successful, short career.“More importantly, during this time, I learned a great deal about exercise and nutrition and how to get the best out of your body.

" When my football career ended due to injury, I qualified as a personal trainer and moved to Dubai, where I worked in a huge gym.“Working in Dubai was a priceless experience; I instructed over 1,000 personal training sessions in one year and helped over 50 people achieve their fitness goals.

"The knowledge I gained in one year in Dubai would have taken at least five in the UK.“When I returned from Dubai, I took on the role of gym supervisor and personal trainer at the five-star Seaham Hall Hotel and Serenity Spa.


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It was at Seaham Hall that I set up my first boot camp.

"While I was there, I won the Leisure Excellence Award at the North East Hotels Association. I left Seaham Hall in 2012 to focus on running my own business. I held the boot camp sessions in local car parks and travelled to personal training clients to train them at home.”