Look how much South Tyneside has changed since 1953 - the year of the last Royal coronation

Life has changed significantly on South Tyneside since the country last had a Coronation.

The country in 1953 was embracing new technology at the same time as it recovered from the ravages of the Second World War.

Now, as we get ready to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles lll on May 6 next year, we look back on 8 reminders of life in the borough when Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll was crowned.

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Life in South Tyneside in 1953.

You can stock up with a plentiful supply of your favourite foods for next year’s big event. Back in 1953, we were just coming out of the rationing era imposed during the Second World War.

Televisions have certainly changed. People watched the 1953 coronation on tube televisions.

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The latest model, complete with 14 inch tube and a walnut cabinet on castors, was yours for 74 guineas from the Mile End Radio Stores, in Mile End Road.

You could watch your new telly in a brand new fireside chair from Binns. They cost £7 and 7 shillings and came in a variety of reproduction tapestries.

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The latest attraction at the Odeon in 1953.

A day at the pictures in 1953 meant a chance to see The Titfield Thunderbolt starring Stanley Holloway in glorious Technicolor at the Odeon.

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These days, you can head to a multiplex with luxury in abundance or take your choice from thousands of films from the comfort of your own home.

Fancy a spruce-up of your home in time for the Coronation? In 1953, it would knock you back £11, 19 shillings and fourpence for new kitchen cabinets from Smiths. in Mile End Road.

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King Street in the year of the Queen's Coronation.

Two hundred officers from Catterick, including a South Shields aircraftman, were among the Forces personnel to play a part in the Queen’s Guard on Coronation Day in 1953. Was he a relative of yours?

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Allens, in Laygate and Harton, had the finest in women’s white mesh casuals and sling back sandals, a bargain at 12 and 6.

A permanent aerial had been placed at the Pontop Pike transmitter, reported the front page of the Shields Gazette in 1953.

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Did you watch the 1953 Coronation on one of these?