'Another nail in the coffin of this ghost town' - what you said about South Shields pub closures

Gazette readers have hailed the closure of two South Shields pubs as another case of "use it or lose it" in the town.
You have been having your say about the closure of two pubs in the town.You have been having your say about the closure of two pubs in the town.
You have been having your say about the closure of two pubs in the town.

The Harbour Lights, on the Lawe Top, and The Rattler, on South Shields seafront, are now closed to the public - with the former displaying a For Lease sign above the door.

The Rattler.The Rattler.
The Rattler.
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Dozens of customers have got in touch on social media to share their memories of nights out and meals at the pubs, with many mourning the further loss of business to South Shields.

One hailed the closures as "another nail in the coffin" for the town, while others urged their peers to shop locally, and support local businesses as much as possible.

Here is how you reacted to the news on the Shields Gazette Facebook page:

Dan Ward: "They might as well shut Shields down. At least we'll have a shiny new metro station to stare at in lieu of any pubs or shops."

The Harbour Lights.The Harbour Lights.
The Harbour Lights.
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Wayne Scott: "If people went in them they wouldn’t close. Pubs are for life not just for Christmas."

Dave Mason: "So in a town with little or no industry left it comes as no surprise that businesses that rely on people having disposable income struggle."

Lysa High-stephenson: "Such a shame. [I] live right by The Harbour Lights. So sad to see it closed. People need to support their locals pubs/butchers/corner shops."

Mark Kirkwood: "Another nail in the coffin of this ghost town."

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Catherine Maria Bristow: "The Rattler is fabulous and brings happy memories to me."

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Kevin Howell: "Christmas, New Year over and then Dry January and health kicks means running a pub is tough business sadly. It’s all about supply and demand, if they don’t get customers you can’t blame the owners for looking for other ways to earn a living. Tough times."

Melanie Anderson: "That’s sad many great times there."

Lesley Daines: "Such a shame ... two great pubs."

Fay Cronin: "Is there anywhere not closing?"

Kim Barry: "Shame loved The Rattler."

Julie Hindmarsh: "Such a shame had great memories of The Harbour Lights."

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Sarah Scullion: "It’s a shame isn’t it. But if people don’t go in this is what happens. The Rattler thrives in the summer months but the winter it’s like a ghost town."

Kenneth Wood: "Believe me in about six or seven years this town will be gridlocked with cars driving out of the town."

Kelly Mitchell: "Never thought The Rattler would close."

Christopher Carroll: "Many happy memories of Friday night with the lads in this pub [The Harbour Lights] hope it reopens soon."

Marc Tonka Thompkins: "RIP Shields."