LIFE IS LOVELY: There's no such thing as a tidy house when you have children

You will never stop tidying up when you have children – and the house will never be clean.

I’m sure most parents will agree it’s impossible to keep a house spotless when you have children, it feels like you’re forever tidying but it is never clean.

I didn’t know it was possible for my house to become so untidy so quickly until Elijah became a toddler and had no concept for clean surroundings. I must say it was so much easier when he was a newborn and there was less mess to tidy up.

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Keeping your house tidy when you have children is like a full-time job in itself. Sometimes it’d be easier if I had a live-in maid who could just follow Elijah around all day keeping the house in an orderly manner.

Elijah enjoying the vacuuming.

Like most children, Elijah is notorious for dragging every toy out playing with it for five minutes then choosing another toy without putting the previous one back. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve tripped on a toy that has been left on the floor.

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Each time I enter his bedroom my soul breaks a little at the complete mess it is despite only been tidied the day before. I hope he gets tidier as he gets older.

Not only is he messy with all of his toys but with food too. Whenever he has something to eat he somehow manages to get it everywhere which means more cleaning. I have never used a hoover so much in my life until I had a child.

I spent a few hours on Saturday cleaning the house and putting toys away and by the next day Elijah had managed to make a mess of things again. The tidy house was nice while it lasted.

However, I must give him some credit because sometimes he does like to help with the cleaning by putting rubbish in the bin, dusting surfaces or hoovering . Having said that, if he didn’t make the mess in the first place he wouldn’t have to.

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Do your children turn your house upside down within a matter of hours of you cleaning it?