Kebab shops in South Shields: Where to go for a takeaway kebab in South Shields this weekend

Anticipating the treat of a takeaway this weekend? If you’re in the mood for a kebab, we’ve got some Shields Gazette reader recommendations to you to try out.

Hungry punters have all got their first-choice takeaway dishes – and for many, a kebab with all the trimmings is number one every time.

So whether it’s your absolute favourite or just something you fancy trying out this weekend, we turned to some of Shields’ top customers (the Gazette readers) to shout out their favourite places across town to visit.

Slathering it in garlic sauce or getting your spice on with some chilli? However you have your kebab, there’s sure to be a dish at one of these eateries to suit your tastes.

You could even splash out and get some chips on the side – it would be rude not to!

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Burger Bar Mile End Spice, Mile End Road, South Shields

Choose from traditional donner and chicken options, as well as a range of kebab wraps or (if you’re feeling brave) a flaming kebab with chicken, donner or shish.


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In the mood for a takeaway kebab this weekend? We take a look at some of the readers' recommendations for where to go for your takeaway treat!

Gills Fish & Chips, Prince Edward Road, South Shields

Can’t decide what you want? With the mixed kebab dish you can enjoy the best of both worlds! Chicken, donner meat, chips, sauce, the lot!

Hot 'N' Tasty, Laygate, South Shields


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Sure, you’ve heard of a kebab but have you heard of a Zakbab? You’ll have to pop along and find out what makes it special.

Who's for some chips on the side of their kebab? You may as well go the whole hog ... enjoy!

Mama Mia Pizzeria, Ocean Road, South Shields

Served with pitta bread & salad, chilli orgGarlic, you can’t beat a classic!


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Milan Takeaway, Ocean Road, South Shields

Whether you’re in the mood for donner meat or chicken, your appetite will be satisifed with a visit to Milan.

Planet Pizza, Boldon Lane, South Shields

Fancy a kebab but want something a bit different too? We present to you, the kebab butty!


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Rostami's Takeaway, Ocean Road, South Shields

Variety is the spice of life – so why not go for a mixed kebab or house special to enjoy all the meats.

Shields Shawarma, Chichester Road, South Shields

Specialising in Lebanese food, the kebabs at Shawarma are not to be missed! Try something different like a mixed lamb kebab, or kofta chicken grill.