Nine of your favourite treats for National Biscuit Day

Put the kettle on – Saturday, May 29 is National Biscuit Day and you have been revealing your favourite treats to enjoy with a cuppa.

By Debra Fox
Friday, 28th May 2021, 4:55 am

Whether you crunch it alongside your coffee or dunk your favourite in your tea, we all have our own top-tier biscuit.

So ahead of National Biscuit Day, we asked our readers to shout out their first choice biccie.

From the humble digestive to a chunky cookie, here are nine of your favourites to enjoy on May 29 (or, indeed, any day).

National Biscuit Day is on Saturday, May 29.


It’s got biscuit, it’s got chocolate, it’s got a creamy filling. What’s not to love?

Chocolate digestive

A classic biscuit barrel staple. The perfect dunker, with a chocolate top!


This isn’t a very specific choice, but surely that’s the beauty of a cookie! The options are endless, whatever your tastes. Chocolate, fruit or another flavour. Take your pick!

Custard cream

It may not be the most reliable of dunkers, but it wins hands down as my favourite!


Named after an Italian general, this sweet treat packed with currants. Is it your top choice?

Ginger snap

The toughest of dunkers, the ideal accompaniment to your hot drink of choice.

Jaffa cake

This is going to be controversial – but readers did shout it out as their favourite for National Biscuit Day, so who are we to argue?


A crumbly and decadent treat. Not just for Christmas, but for every day!


The unique flavour, which you may have tried under the Lotus Biscoff name, is a firm favourite for many at the moment. Eaten on its own, with your brew or as part of another dessert.

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