All deserve respect

Looking at the past 300 years of European history in which so many kings and queens have been glorified and admired for their conquest in the world, I cannot help but have a little bit of sympathy for Tony Blair and George W Bush.

Of course, I think the same as all those who believe they are war criminals and must be tried in the international war crime courts, just like the Serbian leaders. However, let’s look at their actions in comparison to their predecessors in history and then decide their fate.

I believe all the European kings and queens with the help of their advisors and army commanders implemented their world wide conquest policies for the glory and advancement of their countries and improvement of their people to reach the present statues, but this didn’t happen in a humane way.

The armies and the naval forces of Great Britain and Great Spain did not conquer South America, Africa, Canada, Australia and the other countries by peaceful and humane approaches. They went to those parts of world and after slaughtering their defenders and raping their women came back with ship loads of gold, silver and other important commodities which helped them to build the present civilizations and give all the glories to those, who like Tony Blair and George Bush, committed the most barbaric crimes to achieve victory and wealth for queen and country.

I’m sure if, in those days, we had access to strong and fast international means of communications as we have now, then Queen Elizabeth and Lord Drake would have not been admired in the history books as they are now.

I am afraid as long as the present economy system exists, as it has done for hundreds of years, and a population that wants to keep its high standard of living as shown in the latest referendum to keep the migrants out, then we are going to have politicians who would do exactly the same as Messes Blair and Bush to sustain the future growth of their economy to keep their countries stable by providing work and social services to the masses and bigger bank balances to the bankers, who fund all these wars.

I suggest take these two present villains to the war crime courts, change the economy system and revisit the history books to make sure other criminals are not presented to our children as glorified heroes. We then might have a chance of creating a world where the rights of all humans are respected and the basic needs for a dignified living is provided to the people of the world.

Call it idealism, but do you have any better options?

Siamak Kaikavoosi