'All the things we used to have' - 13 things readers said about which shops should come to South Shields

Primark, a toy shop, a pet shop, a shoe shop.
Which shops do you think South Shields needs?Which shops do you think South Shields needs?
Which shops do you think South Shields needs?

The suggestions for which shops should come to South Shields were endless - but you definitely had yours favourites. More than 1,200 of you voted in our online poll, with almost half telling us that they wanted a Primark to come for town. Second in line was an M&S food hall. Check out the results below.

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There were also calls for free parking, a department store, a shoe shop and a "proper" toy shop. But what would you for?

Here are some of your views from social media:

Chelsie Jade Boyack: "Before I read the comments I know for a the most asked for will be Primark, which ain’t ever going to happen because shields is a town not a city."

Jackie Ann Scott: "Pull the whole lot down and build a covered shopping centre like the Bridges or Galleries, it's what South Shields deserves."

Karen Gibson: "I’m sure younger people would like Smiggle etc. Primark won’t come here it’s too small a town. I’d love a larger New Look, Dorothy Perkins, Marks & Spencer. Lush would be good and a book shop like Waterstones."

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Wendy Price: "In other words - all the things we used to have! We had a fabulous department store (Binns), we had a M&S, we had lots of reasonably priced clothing stores (River Island, Dorothy Perkins, Etam, Bon Marche etc), we had fantastic toy shops (Ripons, Binns, WHSmith) we had a high street full of big names (Woolworths, Clark’s, BHS, Curry’s, Debenhams, Topman) as well as quality small independents (T&G Alan’s, TY McGurk, GK Lee)."

Alison Jane Tribe: "A big Marks & Spencer that sells food, household and clothes. I will not go to South Shields because there is nothing.

"King Street is so sad and the lack of shops is such a shame all the buses, big bus station, the metro, the beautiful sea front but no shops."

Lyndsey Dorward: "Would be nice if they could make it into a activity centre for younger children or something for people who are homeless."

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Joanne Cassidy: "Anything that isn't a bookies, a phone shop, £1 shop or a charity shop would be good."

Margaret Hines: "We need M&S back! And H&M would be nice too. Is this an Easter wish? Is the Gazette going to make it come true?"

Kath Morrison: "Need shoe shops, M&S, independent shops. Free parking would be a massive bonus."

Michelle Wall: "I would like to see a Waitrose or M&S in Shields!"

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Pagon Sharni Gray: "Primark. H&M. Some good shoe shops like Schuh, Foot Locker. A Bodycare like in the Bridges. A Lush shop. A much bigger New Look. Some men’s clothes shops. To name a few."

Kathleen Anderson: "I would like Marks & Spencer back please or T&G Allans, or Woolworths ,or Tesco."

Mandy Cook: "More pet shops that are reasonably priced."