Betraying members

We are told that the trade unions are in favour of remaining in the EU and it is true that some are, but as ever with the Little Englander in-siders we have to check the facts carefully.

We find that several of the largest, including RMT and Aslef are actively campaigning to leave the EU “because it is anti-democratic, anti-socialist and failing economically” (source: RMT). Unite, the UK’s largest union, is split with some leaders recommending “leave” while others say “stay”. It is untrue to say the trade unions are all in favour of the EU.

“The free movement of people is eroding workers rights” while keeping wages low (source: Lord Rose, Chairman of the Britain Stronger in Europe campaign) and reducing union bargaining strengths.

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The European Courts often rule in favour of employers and against the unions, thus making a mockery of the EU’s own Charter of Fundamental Rights.

Given all this, I feel we should be told why those trade unions which are recommending “in” are actively campaigning to destroy the rights of their workers, in some cases built up over 120 years or more. It would also be illuminating to know why these unions wanting to leave continue to support the Labour Party, which is campaigning to remain.

Claims that their interest is in “maintaining the rights of women” and “safety at work” will not do. Britain introduced the first safety at work regulations as long ago as 1802 (The Factory Act), paid leave for workers in 1939 and the rights of women workers, including equal pay, were enshrined in law in 1970, nearly three years before Ted Heath signed us into the EU without a single right to do so because he had no mandate for it, to name just a few rights the EU has not given us.

So I repeat the question: why are these union leaders campaigning to remain actively betraying their members’ interests?

Bryan Foster