Burglary warning as lockdown eases

Householders are being warned not to let their guard down – after burglaries dropped by over 50% last year during the pandemic.

Insurance firm Admiral says there was a 57% fall in claims, but wants people to stay alert to the danger of falling victim of crime as lockdown measures ease.

It is urging people to make sure their home is secure when out and about, after its recent investigations revealed people could be putting their homes at risk from unwanted intruders.

Noel Summerfield, head of household insurance warns: “With lockdown restrictions easing and people venturing away from home it’s alarming to think just how easy it could be for someone to gain access to your house, and your possessions, without having to force their way in.”

The warning comes after Admiral found that one in five people admit to keeping a spare key under a door mat or flowerpot outside their home and 60% of homeowners have failed to replace the locks after losing their keys.

Admiral warns there could be a spike in burglary claims as lockdown restrictions ease.

Mr Summerfield, added: “Whether you’re venturing close to home or further afield, it’s vital that you take the time to make sure your home is secured before you leave.

"Opportunist burglars will be aware that more people will be away from their homes and under the doormat or flowerpots will be the first place they’ll look to find a spare key in order to gain entry to your home and help themselves to your belongings.”