Dog fouling, refusal to clean up household waste and flytipping: Six South Tyneside residents fined a total of more than £3,000

South Tyneside Council has prosecuted six residents for various environmental offences that include flytipping, dog fouling and refusal to clean up residential properties.

Thursday, 16th June 2022, 3:00 pm

The local authority brought cases against six residents at South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday, June 15 – with them all receiving fines.

South Tyneside Council took action after all the residents failed to pay an initial fine after the issues were first flagged to them.

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South Tyneside Council have prosecuted six people for various environmental offences.

The 23-year-old had paid someone £30 to remove some household waste and they are yet to be caught, leaving Farrer having to pay a fine of £120, costs to South Tyneside Council of £200 and a surcharge of £34 – totalling £354.

Charlotte Minns, of John Williamson Street, admitted to flytipping a wardrobe on June 30, 2021, at the rear of Hollingside Way in South Shields.

A member of the public reported the registration plate of the van that she was using to South Tyneside Council who were then able to trace it back to Charlotte's partner.

Magistrates ordered her to pay £354 which included a £120 fine, costs of £200 and a surcharge of £34.

Identification was found in the black bags to lead investigating officers back to Shannon Farrer.

Claire Carty, of Gibbons Walk, was ordered to pay £838.09 in her absence after she ignored a notice from the council to remove household waste from the garden of her property.

The notice was served on February 11, giving her seven days to do so however as she failed to comply, the case was brought before magistrates who have ordered her to repay the cost of cleaning up the waste.

Environmental officers discovered identification in the rubbish that could be traced back to Urwin and she ignored a request to attend an interview under caution with officers.

Claire Carty ignored warnings to clean up the garden of her property - she was ordered to pay £838.09.

Urwin was ordered to pay a £660 fine, a £66 surcharge and £420 to cover the cost of the investigation plus the clean up of the flytip – totalling £1,146.

Stephen Pearson, of South Crescent in Boldon Colliery, was witnessed by a member of the public on February 10 allowing his lurcher-type dog to foul on the pavement outside of a property on New Road.

South Tyneside Council issued him with a fine of £100, which would have been discounted by 50% had he paid within seven days.

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Samantha Urwin was fined more than £1,100 for flytipping at Ethel Terrace in South Shields.

As he failed to do so, magistrates enforced the £100 fixed penalty notice in his absence but added £100 for costs and a £34 surcharge, giving him a total to pay of £234.

The local authority served Danielle Teasdale, of Johnstone Mews in Boldon Colliery, a notice to remove refuse, discarded material and debris from the rear garden of her property is it was likely to attract pests.

Having failed to do, in her absence, she was told to pay a fine of £180, £100 in costs and a surcharge of £34 – totalling £314.

South Tyneside Magistrates Court.