South Shields man attacked the mother and grandmother of his children with a knife after ransacking house

A man who attacked the mother and grandmother of his children with a knife has been jailed.
Anthony SmithAnthony Smith
Anthony Smith

Anthony Smith, 26, ransacked his ex-partner's house then lay in wait and injured the two women with a large kitchen knife.

Newcastle Crown Court heard how Smith and the younger victim had been in a relationship for nine years and had two children together.

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Liam O'Brien, prosecuting, said in the early hours of December 30, she received messages from Smith while she was at her mother's house.

He added: "It was clear from these messages that the defendant was in a highly distressed state."

The messages, Mr O'Brien said, were accompanied by a photograph that made it clear he had broken into his ex-partner's home.

Along with her mother she decided to go to the house and she ran inside where she found the property had been ransacked.

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Mr O'Brien told the court that in her statement to police, she said: "The place was a total mess with clothes of all kinds on the floor.

"I walked into the sitting room to see my TV was smashed."

Mr O'Brien added: "It was at that point that the defendant appeared behaving like he was angry and had a kitchen knife."

Smith then shouted: "Where the **** is he?" which the victim understood to be a reference to the deterioration of their relationship.

The older victim then entered the house and Smith pushed her to the ground before grabbing her phone and holding a knife to her throat as she tried to call the police.

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The younger woman intervened to help her mother and was stabbed at least twice, the court heard.

Smith was arrested a short time later and both women were examined in hospital having suffered superficial wounds.

Mr O'Brien read the younger victim's impact statement to the court which said: "I'm really traumatised by this incident.

"I realise I could have lost my mother. This incident has had a huge impact on my family life.

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"For months after the incident I have felt constantly scared and emotional and didn't want to leave the house.

"I just wanted to be alone with my children."

Her mother added: "I felt like I looked death in the eye. It was absolutely terrifying.

"I couldn't believe what was happening. It felt like a nightmare."

Andrew Finlay, defending said: "It was a bad relationship for the both of them causing them to behave in ways that they would effectively regret."

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He added he had been entrusted with responsibility while in custody and hoped to have "some meaningful relationship in years to come" with his children.

Judge Stephen Earl said: "You can only imagine now as you look back to this just how frightening that must have been and how lucky you are that more serious injuries were not caused.

"There is no excuse for arming yourself with a knife and taking the actions as you did."

Smith pleaded guilty to burglary of a swelling, two counts of ABH and criminal damage.

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Judge Earl sentenced Smith, of Richmond Road, South Shields, to four years five months imprisonment.

He also arranged a ten-year restraining order to be made to prevent him contacting the victim or her mother directly or indirectly apart from in writing through a third party with regards to their children.