Enough is enough

Anyone who has a heart and values life cannot fail to have been moved by the article on the '˜granddad's images of child abuse'.

As a mother of two and grandmother to three beautiful grandchildren, I was reduced to tears when I read of the horrific images found on the computer of James Kirkley.

I was saddened to read that police officers dealing with this case had been affected so badly they needed counselling and even more upset and sickened by the sentence handed out to this monster.

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I don’t mind saying what a lot of other people will be thinking.

Why should this man be put away for just two years when he has intentionally fuelled the gruesome and abhorrent torturing of both minds and bodies of innocent and trusting children?

Two years is nothing to him.

We have had some troubled times over the last months and weeks, killings of innocent people and evidence of anger and hatred towards others never seen before.

We chose to leave the EU and in doing so showed the governments, businesses, financial markets and the media, especially, that we wish to take back the control of our country and our lives and that yes, even us common, unintelligent people do have a voice and strong opinions on what is really important in life.

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Make this the time when we find someone to be our next prime minister who will continue to listen to the population and do what is needed to make this country great again and not the soft touch and laughing stock of others. It is a time for change.

We laughed and ridiculed Mary Whitehouse when in the 1970 s and 80s when she warned of the dangers of free sex, violent videos, films and computer games. Look where we are now.

We live in a world where nothing is valued, where we throw away possessions, relationships and even the lives of our children.

Before it’s too late, will someone have the guts to say enough is enough.

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Ban horrific and explicit games and films because we have a generation that is too influenced by them and cannot differentiate between fact and fiction. Ban pornographic games and films because we have a generation that thinks it’s normal to have relationships without respect for the other person – and please, please, ban anything that shows, contains or mentions abuse towards our babies and children.

Name withheld