'From Jordan Pickford to Lee Camp in the space of a few months' - Sunderland fans react to ex-goalkeeper's 'TITANIC' comments

Former Sunderland goalkeeper Lee Camp has opened up on his 'tough' spell at Sunderland.
Lee Camp playing for Sunderland.Lee Camp playing for Sunderland.
Lee Camp playing for Sunderland.

The 34-year-old, who spent the second half of last season at the Stadium of Light, likened his loan move to 'jumping on the Titanic'.Camp, who has made 11 appearances for Birmingham after signing for the Blues in the summer, defended his performances for Sunderland, claiming they weren't as bad as they looked on paper.

Sunderland fans were quick to react on social media.

Here are some or the responses:

@thepriceysafc: "Agree about the club situation but how deluded can he be ? He didn't command his area couldn't catch ,punch wasn't even a good shot stopper . One of the worst keepers to ever pull on the shirt"

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@Mick_Mack_78: "From Jordan Pickford to Lee Camp in the space of a few months, what a time to be alive"

@SAFCRABBIT: "Lee Camp "It was like jumping on the titanic" Lee. If you tried to jump on the titanic you'd miss."

@LukeyKB87: "I think his hands are made out of the actual paper he is talking about"

@MarkCarrick08: "He's so deluded. Not as bad? He was horrendous! Kept in the side only because the alternative was Jason Steele. Blimey, how terrible did it need to be before he accepts he contributed to such levels of ineptness?!"

@jimbolovesit89: "Worst keeper we've ever had"

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@ncowan11: "You’re absolutely spot on Lee your performances weren’t as bad as they looked on paper...they were even worse"

Meanwhile on our SAFC Facebook page:Paul Taylor said: "He was thrown several life jackets, but unfortunately he kept dropping them!"

Alan Arnold added: "I can remember one game, he tried to put his head in his hands but missed that as well"

Stan Sharp commented: "I rate Camp alongside McDonagh as the worst keeper i've seen playing for SAFC"