Mixture of anger and delight as controversial South Shields sporting complex plans withdrawn

The plans for Temple Memorial Park have been withdrawn.
The plans for Temple Memorial Park have been withdrawn.

The collapse of controversial plans to build a new sporting complex in South Shields has drawn a mixed response from people in the town.

Westoe Rugby Club was hoping to create a new home and clubhouse for its teams in Temple Memorial Park.

I find this news shocking

Peter Clark

However, the plans – which would also have seen South Shields Cricket Club move to the park in a development which would also include tennis and squash courts – have now been withdrawn, as has the planning application to build homes at the club’s current home in Wood Terrace.

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The Friends of Temple Memorial Park campaign group had been calling for the plans to be rejected.

They welcomed the news of the withdrawal of the proposals, but many others commenting on the Gazette’s Facebook page had different views.

Kylie Strasenburgh posted: “Absolutely ridiculous. Just let all that space stand there doing nothing when it could have been of use to a lot of people!”

Peter Clark wrote: “For me – who has a son who plays rugby for Westoe Under-8s – I find this news shocking.

“These are the people who will complain about anti-social behaviour and kids having nowhere to go or do.”

Stu Rounthwaite added: “Great, so the building of something which will help engage with young people and help combat the really bad problem the town has with anti-social kids running riot has been stopped.”

Chris Todd said: “The people who protested against it will be the same people who say they’re sick of kids hanging about with nothing to do and then also say they shouldn’t be sitting on gaming devices all day.

“What exactly do we want kids to engage in these days?”

Linda Clare posted: “Shocking news. It should have gone ahead. We need more for our children.”

Valerie Nichol wrote: “That’s disgraceful – a very small majority wins again...no-one is thinking of the future generation.”

Others, though, were pleased with the news, despite wishing the rugby club well in its quest to find a new home.

Terry Moody said: “Like many of those who also objected to the development, I didn’t object to Westoe Sports Club seeking to develop. I objected to it being developed on Temple Memorial Park. It’s green belt land and we should preserve what we have left. There are other sites that can be considered and I wish them well in the future.”

Deidre Bell added: “Leave it the way it is. This land was not left for commercial use.

“Why should private companies make money from land left to the people?”

Mark Gibson posted: “It would be good if they could improve it and brighten it up, but it’s nice to have somewhere to take the dog.”