EMMA LEWELL-BUCK: ‘Criminal in charge of country who lies with impunity’

The Prime Minister is a criminal, he has broken the draconian covid laws he wrote, and we all painfully lived under.

Boris Johnson also repeatedly lied about breaking these laws.

His MPs now spend their time in Parliament defending him, instead of speaking up for their constituents.

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His and their actions are eroding faith in all Members of Parliament and damaging our democracy.

This week, instead of making a full and separate apology to the British public, he shamefully conflated his statement with the war in Ukraine.

He then refused to resign.

His own Ministerial Code states clearly that those who knowingly mislead Parliament should offer their resignation.

However, he claims that he didn’t knowingly do so as “it did not occur” to him that his birthday party was in breach of the rules and aides have assured him that the many other parties held at No 10 didn’t break the rules either.

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How dare he insult the British public who made so many sacrifices in this way?

Later the same day, he held court with his backbench MPs and reportedly used this time to criticise the Archbishop of Canterbury and the BBC.

His shame knows no bounds.

He then arrived to Prime Minister's Questions smirking, shouting, trading insults and behaving like a child, showing absolutely no contrition or humility.

Once again, demeaning the great office he holds.

Today there will be a vote in the House of Commons to decide if the Prime Minister should be referred to the Commons Privileges Committee to investigate whether the PM misled the House of Commons or not.

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It is time for his MPs to demonstrate in this vote if it is the public or their dishonest, insincere PM they serve.

We now have a criminal in charge of the country, who lies with impunity and, in full view of the public, laughs about constantly getting away with it.

He is not fit to serve in Her Majesty’s Government.

He can’t expect the public to adhere to or listen to anything he has to say or asks of us.

This Government is breaking the very fabric of our democracy, and that should worry all of us.