Letter of the week: More affordable housing needed in South Tyneside

The council has just announced the sale of Farding Square, in Marsden, to Gentoo for an undisclosed sum.

By Gazette Letters
Friday, 08 March, 2019, 17:39
Farding Square, in Marsden, where 62 new homes are planned.

After reading the Gazette article (February 8), I have the following points to make.

It is a regeneration brown field site so should have at least 25% affordable social housing.

Just like Cleadon Vale development did in 2006.

It was sealed bids so Gentoo must have bid to a tender document prepared by council planners,

Once the bids were opened, Gentoo was highest bidder.

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The council is going along with this because Gentoo is paying £75,000 as compensation to it. How was that figure arrived at?

But surely Gentoo knew about the affordable homes threshold before they bid?

Colin Campbell