South Shields MP Emma Lewell-Buck on why she doesn’t want a second EU Referendum

Theresa May is assuring that she makes the history books for all the wrong reasons.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 24 January, 2019, 08:18
Prime Minister Theresa May speaking in the House of Commons. Picture by House of Commons/PA Wire

In the weeks since the House returned from Christmas recess she has suffered the worst political defeat in modern British history. An eye-watering 432 MPs leavers and remainers voted against her Brexit deal, including 118 Tories.

This margin of defeat should be a clear indicator to the Government that they lack the political mandate to continue failing the British public on Brexit.

May then invited Jeremy Corbyn into talks, talks he requested some time ago.

However, she refused to rule out a no deal scenario which would spell chaos. Even the Treasury’s own analysis has made is clear a no deal Brexit will make the UK worse off for the next 15 years.

Jeremy Corbyn could see from the outset that the Prime Minister had no intention of changing tack and despite her talk of reaching out and wanting to get a consensus, it was just a PR exercise, as the leaders of other political parties soon discovered when they met with her.

The Brexit deal she presented to the House just this week was nothing markedly different to her original deal, whilst her tone and the language she is using may have changed in an effort to make us all believe she wants to work across the House and with others outside of Parliament her actions, red lines and intransigence remains.

As it stands, Parliament is consumed with Brexit. It is a false dichotomy that the only available options are the Prime Minister’s deal or no deal.

I, like many MPs across the House, want to reach a consensus. For clarity, I have made my position clear repeatedly and it has not changed in recent weeks. My position is based on extensive engagement with the people of Shields since the referendum result.

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I voted to trigger Article 50, I stood on a manifesto that promised to honour the referendum result and I am not in favour of a second referendum.

A very short, time limited extension to A50 is necessary so a consensus can be found on a deal and the options before us.

Because after two and a half years of negotiating Brexit and with no end in sight, time is rapidly running out.

I am hopeful that MPs next week will have the opportunity to find this consensus.

This would then give the Prime Minister the authority to return to Brussels with a clear mandate from the Commons and the British people.

Brexit transcends party politics and how MPs implement the decision made in the referendum two years ago will shape how invested and what faith people in our communities have in our representative democracy.

I will not let the people of Shields down. I have always said I will be your voice in Westminster and respect the mandate given to me. Brexit has not and will not change that.