We have been on the brink of a political abyss for three years - Emma Lewell-Buck MP

Thanks to David Cameron’s referendum our country has now been plunged into a deep chasm of division and we have been on the brink of a political abyss for the last three years.

Thursday, 27th June 2019, 9:30 am
Updated Friday, 28th June 2019, 8:30 pm
EU and UK flags together.

An abyss that has now turned to total stalemate as we all must endure the unedifying site of Boris v Hunt and their respective supporters, each one making promises they know they can’t keep; the public have had enough of disingenuous politicians.

Those of you who know me, know that I believe that with public service comes accountability, those who don’t can check, it’s a matter of public record that my words and promises match my voting in Parliament, with regards to Brexit I have been consistent.

I have voted to try and secure a decent deal so that we can leave the European Union, to block no deal and to avoid a second referendum.

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I know not everyone agrees with me but, prior to, during and after the referendum I have spent my time listening to your views.

The thousands of emails, letters, multiple meetings with constituents, party members, businesses and individuals from Shields have not coalesced around one single version of Brexit but they have concluded that the majority want to leave, some with a deal, some without.

Across the country and in Parliament people are pushing their own narratives, pragmatism, consensus and comprise have long passed; it is those who have welded themselves to their preferred position and stopped listening that have led us to this impasse.

It would have been far easier for me to pick one of those definitive sides, join the second referendum campaigners, or join those who want to leave no matter what the cost, but it is my job to not only listen to the views of those who gave me the honour of representing them but also to ensure I make decisions based on the information before me and to look at the wider implications of my decisions for our county as a whole.

As it stands, we are hurtling very close to leaving the EU without a deal before the year is out, all predictions indicate this would cause economic harm. The delay and uncertainty, businesses tell me is causing them problems, problems that will be exacerbated the longer this drags on and even more so if we go down the second referendum route.

The only sensible option left is to vote for a deal, once this has passed second reading it can be amended, that is how Parliament works.

The last iteration of the deal presented to Parliament appeared to offer many concessions, but it was shot down before the ink was dry, so many had so much to say about a document they had not even seen, because once again, they will not listen or compromise.

This part of the negotiations was supposed to be the easy bit, we potentially have years of debating EU related legislation, the adversarial nature of our politics must change if we are to achieve the best for our constituents and country.