Hebburn Helps team left shocked and saddened after attempted break-in causes damage

Volunteers at a foodbank have been left shocked and saddened after an alleged attempted break-in.

The reported incident at Hebburn Helps, which occurred on Tuesday, September 13, saw a door on the site damaged as would-be intruders attempted to break into the building, but failed to do so.

Vandals also went through bins outside the site, throwing rubbish into the car park causing a mess.

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The incident, which has been reported to police, left the Hebburn Helps team feeling shocked and saddened.

Hebburn Helps Co-founder Angie Comerford
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Angie Comerford, co-founder of Hebburn Helps, said: “Seeing that the door was open was very panicking. Everything we have locked away is for members of the community so it’s hard thinking that someone or a group of people want to try and take that away.”

“We’ve been doing this for seven years now, all voluntary, and to think that someone would want to do this, it’s very disheartening, but we’re thankful nothing was taken.”

After posting the news of the vandalism on Facebook, Angie was blown away by the response from the community who offered to help.

Hebburn Helps site

She added: “Since we put it on Facebook just a few hours ago we’ve had so many people offer to come repair the damage free of charge, which is lovely to see.”

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Northumbria Police has confirmed it has received a report of an incident.

Hebburn Helps is a volunteer-run food bank and crisis support group who help the most vulnerable in the community.

Founded in 2015 the team have been working for the past seven years to support those in need.

The group is entirely led by volunteers and have helped support thousands across South Tyneside since it began in 2015.