'I can't thank him enough' - Mum's message for hero who helped teenage son after bike accident

A Jarrow teenager left injured in the road after going over the handlebars of his bike was rescued by a Good Samaritan.

Tommy Wilson came to Luke Maguire's aid after he had an accident on his bike.
Tommy Wilson came to Luke Maguire's aid after he had an accident on his bike.

Luke Maguire was cycling home after seeing a friend when an accident on his bike left him with two broken bones in his wrist.

The 13-year-old was lying injured in the road at The Maples, Hebburn, after the incident when Tommy Wilson was passing by.

Tommy, who works at Jarrowvians Rugby Club, called an ambulance and waited by Luke’s side until help arrived.

Tommy Wilson with Luke Maguire.

Mum Leanne Maguire has called Tommy a hero and added that she will ‘never forget’ what he did for son.

“He’s a lovely bloke,” she said.

“I wish a lot more people were like him.”

Leanne was driven to the scene by her other son Jake, 17, before accompanying Luke to hospital.


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Luke Maguire in his cast.

Tommy then went above and beyond to help, following Jake to the family’s address in his own car to make sure Luke’s bike made it home in one piece.

Luke had his accident on Tuesday, July 23 and after an X-ray at South Tyneside District Hospital revealed the extent of his injuries, the teenager was taken to Sunderland Royal Hospital for surgery the following day.

He had a metal rod inserted to help heal the breaks and is now recovering well.


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After her son’s accident, Leanne got to work trying to find Tommy so her famly could thank him for his help.

She found out he worked at the Jarrowvians through Facebook and arranged to pop in and surprise him with a present to say thank you.

Leanne, 44, continued: “I am so grateful it was him who found Luke. I honestly couldn’t thank him enough. I told him, ‘I will never forget you for what you have done’.”

When the pair were reunited at the club in Luke’s Lane, Tommy said brave Luke was a ‘cracking kid’ who handled the situation really well.


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Leanne also wanted to share her thanks with a couple, who worked as paramedics and stopped to help, and other residents of The Maples.