Photographer captures Northern Lights in all their glory illuminating South Shields sky

A local photographer has captured the stunning beauty of the Northern Lights in the South Shields sky.

The photo, which was captured by Steven Lomas, 36, from Marsden, was taken at around 7.30pm on Saturday, October 23.

Taken from Trow Rocks, the photo shows a stunning array of colours dancing over the borough in the night sky.

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The Northern Lights – also known as Aurora Borealis – are caused by solar wind which cause electrically charged particles to collide with the Earth’s magnetic field and atmosphere.

The Northern Lights captured above South Shields, by Steven Lomas
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The solar wind distorts the Earth's magnetic field as it approaches, allowing some charged particles from the Sun to enter the Earth's atmosphere at the magnetic North Pole and the magnetic South Pole.

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As these charged particles "excite" gases in our atmosphere, they make them glow.