Road safety campaigners call for action on 'race track' South Shields street

Campaigners are calling on borough chiefs to beef up safety measures on a road branded a ‘race track’.

According to concerned families in the Westoe Crown area of South Shields, Sea Winnings Way, which runs through the estate, has been the site of several incidents in recent months.

Despite being a 20 mph zone, many in the area feel the speed limit is regularly flouted.

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And it has prompted some parents to petition South Tyneside Council to take action.

Westoe Crown Village residents and parents along with headteacher Steve Price and lead campaigner Karen English have started a road safety petition following speeding vehicles in Sea Winnings Way.
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"This is predominantly a family estate with a lot of children, but the road through is used as a race track by boy racers and people in a rush or just not thinking,” said mum-of-three Karen English, who has launched the petition which has now attracted more than 160 signatures.

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"A lot of people have complained, but nothing has been done about it so I started the petition – we just want something done about it.”

According to Karen, the “dream” outcome would be the installation of speed cameras on the street, a solution she believes would “put a stop” to the issue quickly.

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Campaigner Karen English .

But she also says she would be happy to see speed bumps and other traffic calming measures to prevent drivers “flooring it” through the estate.

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She has been backed in the campaign by bosses at Westoe Crown Primary School, which has its primary access in Sea Winnings Way.

“Anything that would make it safer for the children is something we would really want to support,” said headteacher Steve Price.

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"The petition can only ensure the safety of our children even more – very few people follow the 20 mph restriction.

Westoe Crown Primary School headteacher Steve Price.
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"Further traffic calming measures would not do any harm and anything that would increase the safety of our children is a good thing.”

A spokesperson for South Tyneside Council said: “Officers have previously undertaken investigations into speeds on Sea Winnings Way and speeds were compliant with the 20mph zone.

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“There have been no collisions which have been attributed to speed in the past five years.

"Therefore, no additional measures were proposed following the investigation.

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Concerns have been raised about speeding in Sea Winnings Way, South Shields.

“However, following the recent collision, officers in the road safety team will undertake additional speed surveys and have also requested details of the latest collision from the police.”

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