South Shields schoolchildren joined by MP to help clean up seafront

Pupils from a South Shields primary school teamed up with MP Emma Lewell-Buck for a litter-pick at the seafront.

Pupils from St. Bede’s Primary School headed down to seafront with South Shields Labour MP in a bid to make the coastline a tidier place to be enjoyed by all.

The year three pupils have been inspired to get involved in looking after the coastline after reading Yvonne Carlin Page's fictional story of Lily Windy and the Witch. One of the themes connected to the book is conservation of 'Windy's Way' a local setting in the book.

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Year 3 teacher Brian McVittie said: “I am delighted how much the Y3 children respect their local area and they jumped at the chance to help clean Sandhaven Beach.

South Shields MP Emma Lewell-Buck (seated right) local author Yvonne Carling-Page (seated left) with pupils from St Bede's Primary School, who were litter picking on the beach on Tuesday.

“The children worked tirelessly litter picking on the beach. With climate change becoming more prevalent, I think the environment of South Shields will be in safe hands with Y3. Meanwhile, it was really kind of the manager of the Sand Dancer to provide the children with juice after their conservation efforts.”

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Labour MP, Emma Lewell-Buck was thrilled with the children’s efforts to look after the environment.

She said: “I am so proud of the children from St Bede's making such a positive contribution to our community and coastline. They are an asset to their school. It was lovely to meet them at the end of their litter pick with local author Yvonne Carlin-Page before they enjoyed some chips and juice laid on for them at The Sand Dancer. Thank you to all involved.”

Pupils from St Bede's Primary School, who were litter picking on the beach on Tuesday. Pictured l-r Year 3 pupils Issac Graham, Favor Slocum, Kate Foster and Faris Wyatt

Litter and debris left on a beach can be dangerous for marine life as it can be blown into the sea. Sea creatures often mistake the rubbish for a food source which can be detrimental to their lives as they can choke on materials such as plastic.

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Litter on beaches also impacts on how the beach looks, which can result in reduced visitor numbers.

There are a number of things we can do to help keep our beaches clean including:

:: Don't leave litter

:: Bag any waste and put it in the bins provided

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:: If bins are full take your waste to the next available bin or take it home to put in your bin

:: Do not take glass on to the beach