Picture work is an honour

As chairman of the Supporters of South Tyneside Libraries, I should like to show my appreciation and congratulate all the other volunteers who, over the last eight years, have been digitising the photographs held by the Central Library.

Margaret, Pauline, Eileen, Richard, Janet, Joy, Cecily, Pat and I have had the fascinating task of helping the Library to digitise its record of old photographs onto the website.

We all agree that it has been a privilege to be part of a team having access to some remarkable, evocative images of people, events and locations in South Shields over the last 150 or more.

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There are now more than 14,000 photographs on the website – southtynesideimages.org.uk – thus enabling the photographs to be seen anywhere in the world.

There are still more photographs to be put on the website and we are working on this, but I should like to invite one and all to explore the captivating record and see old and new Shields for themselves.

It is amazing what they will discover and they may even be able to supply more information about the photographs.

Pam McTaggart