Pink and Blue day raises more than £40,000 for Chloe and Liam Together Forever Trust

An outpouring of love and support for the families of Chloe Rutherford and Liam Curry has helped raise more than £40,000 for a trust created in their names.

Thursday, 28th June 2018, 6:00 am
Glenn Rowe called on the town to wear pink and blue on the anniversary of Chloe Rutherford and Liam Curry

On May 22, the people of South Tyneside answered a call to wear pink and blue - the colours synonymous with the much-loved couple.

Chloe’s uncle Glenn Rowe was keen to turn the first anniversary of the Manchester Arena atrocity which claimed their young lives into a day to honour and celebrate them.

Liam Curry and Chloe Rutherford

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It also aimed to show the families the level of support and love they had from the people of South Tyneside who rallied round following the horrific event.

However, it wasn’t just people from the borough who got behind Pink and Blue day, which started as a post on social media. Businesses and individuals from around the globe got involved - with many choosing the raise funds in the process for the Chloe and Liam Together Forever Trust, which was recently granted registered charity status.

More than 5,500 organisations and individuals took part while more than £40,000 was raised from collections that took place on the day from more than 250 donators.

Glenn said: “I was overwhelmed by the initial response to Pink and Blue day and how South Shields pulled together to show their support and love for Chloe and Liam.

Chloe Rutherford and Liam Curry anniversary at Marions Florist. From left owner Paula Dadswell, Dyane Munden and Stacey Adams

“The outpouring of love and support was incredible. Through social media I wanted to ensure that May 22, 2018, the anniversary of the atrocity was marked in a positive manner and shared with all those who wanted to support my family on this incredibly sad day.

“In the end over 5,500 organisations and individuals pledged their support - again a phenomenal response.

“From that very day, donations started to pour in resulting in our current total of over £40,000 from over 250 donators who have personally informed me of their individual efforts.

“The idea was to turn South Shields pink and blue and raise a few pounds along the way. I think we achieved this.

Lee's Bakery cake sale in honour of Chloe Rutherford and Liam Curry on the first year anniversary. From left manager Clare Campbell, Andrew Gregg, Kate Fishwick and Carole Cook

“Thank you every single person who has gone out of their way to show us how much they care. The response was worldwide and very humbling.

“Although Chloe and Liam will never be able to fulfil their potential as they had it cruelly taken away, due to the kindness shown over the last month towards the Trust, I am sure it will help someone to achieve theirs.”

The Chloe and Liam Together Forever Trust was created by their families to support the talents of young people in the field of sport and performance and to give them the chance Chloe and Liam were robbed of. Chloe, 17, was a talented performer while Liam, 19, was a skilled cricketer.

To date, the Trust has raised over £150,000 and has paid out a number of bursaries to young people to help them on their way to fulfilling their full potential.

Chloe Rutherford and Liam Curry one year anniversary tribute at Saint Peter and Paul RC Primary School

For details on the Trust, visit the Chloe and Liam Together Forever Trust on Facebook.