Boris Johnson's parliament suspension in run up to Brexit splits opinion in South Tyneside

After the Prime Minister made the decision to suspend parliament in the lead up to Brexit – we asked Gazette readers if they thought Boris Johnson has done the right thing.
Prime Minister Boris Johnson Photo credit: Neil Hall/PA WirePrime Minister Boris Johnson Photo credit: Neil Hall/PA Wire
Prime Minister Boris Johnson Photo credit: Neil Hall/PA Wire

The Queen approved Boris Johnson's plan for an extended suspension of Parliament, in a move which will hamper efforts by MPs to thwart a no-deal Brexit.

The Prime Minister will temporarily close down the Commons from the second week of September until October 14, when there will be a Queen's Speech to open a new session of Parliament.

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The Queen approved the order to prorogue Parliament no earlier than September 9 and no later than September 12, until October 14.

The Gazette’s poll asking ‘Is the Prime Minister right to suspend parliament so close to the Brexit deadline?’ received almost 6,000 votes with 57% answering no and the remaining 43% agreeing with the decision.

Here’s what readers had to say about the decision:

Jamie Green: “Remainers have been trying everything thing to block brexit or alter it to the point where leaving was just by title. Now leavers are playing them at their own game and ensuring the original vote is upheld. I hope Europe now knows we're serious and come back with a better deal, some people don't seem to understand how negotiations work.”

Kevin Leary: “We have had endless debates and games, time to move on.”

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Paul Gray: “Removing the right to debate by closing Parliament sets a dangerous precedent. This time people are happy to see it happen because it suits their views on Brexit. But what happens when future Governments use it against the public?”

James Marshall: “Boris is so democratic he's halting the democracy of Parliament to stop them democratically discussing or debating anything.”

Annmarie Noble: “Fed up with it now, we need to get Brexit sorted so the focus can return to national politics. It's not the way I would have liked things to be done but we need to move on from Brexit one way or another.”