South Tyneside Council elections 2022: How to make sure you are registered to vote in May

Voters have just one week left to make sure they can cast their ballots in the May 2022 elections.

Council seats are up for grabs in all 18 South Tyneside Council wards, with voters choosing who will represent them on Thursday, May 5, 2022.

Polling day is now just four weeks away, but only those registered to vote can take part and election bosses are urging those unregistered to act now before it is too late.

Voters are being urged to ensure they registered. Picture Rui Vieira/PA WireVoters are being urged to ensure they registered. Picture Rui Vieira/PA Wire
Voters are being urged to ensure they registered. Picture Rui Vieira/PA Wire

When is the deadline to register to vote?

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The election team at South Tyneside Council is urging those who are not yet on the electoral register to apply to register by the deadline of Thursday, April 14, to protect their right to vote.

People must register by midnight.

How can I register to vote?

The council is supporting the Electoral Commission’s Got 5? campaign highlighting how easy and convenient it is to register online at using their computer, smartphone or tablet.

Jonathan Tew, South Tyneside Returning Officer, said: “With only one week to go, time is running out for voters to make sure they can take part in the local elections.

“These elections are an important opportunity for people to make their voices heard and have their say on who represents them on issues that directly affect their day-to-day lives here in South Tyneside.

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“In order to be able to vote, residents must be on the electoral register. Unfortunately, those who are not registered by midnight on 14 April, will not be able to take part.”

Can I register to vote without the internet?

Those who wish to register by phone can call South Tyneside Council’s elections team on 0191 424 7230.

What happens if I’m still under 18?

The council says it is particularly keen to remind young people that they need to be registered by the closing date to be able to vote next month.

Young people can register when they are 16 or 17, so that they will be able to vote as soon as they turn 18.

What happens if I am away at university?

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Students who are living away at university can also register at both their term time address and home address.

Ailsa Irvine, director of Electoral Administration and Guidance at the Electoral Commission, said: “If you have recently turned 18 or moved home, it is particularly important that you make sure you are correctly registered to vote.

“It you were registered to vote in the last election and your details have not changed, you don’t need to take any action. If in doubt, you can check with your local authority in South Tyneside on (0191) 427 7000.”

What happens if I am not going to be home for the elections?

Voters have a range of options. They can vote in person, by post or by appointing someone they trust to vote in their place, known as a proxy vote.

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The deadline to apply to vote by post is 5pm on Tuesday April 19, and for a proxy vote the deadline is 5pm on Tuesday 26 April.

Anyone who wants to vote by post should apply as soon as possible to make sure their application is processed early and postal votes can be sent out more quickly.

Those who were registered to vote in the last elections and whose details have not changed will still be registered to vote and will have received a poll card to confirm this.

Anyone who is in doubt, has difficulties accessing the internet or would like to register over the phone can call South Tyneside Council’s Elections Team on (0191) 424 7230.

Further information about elections in South Tyneside visit the Council’s website at More details about registering the vote or applying for a vote by post or by proxy visit