Criticism and support for ambitious multi-million pound 'garden village' plan for South Tyneside

Families across South Tyneside have both backed and slammed proposals to create thousands of new homes, plus other amenities, as part of a so-called ‘garden village’ development in the borough.

The Laverick Park Garden Community plans would see 3,000 homes, three primary schools, a care home and shops built on land between Whitemare Pool and Testo’s Roundabout.

As developers defend the plans as “a far more sustainable option” for the future of the borough, residents have both welcomed the ‘garden village’ as a “fantastic” addition and shared concerns over the changing landscape.

Artist impressions of one of three villages in proposals for ‘Laverick Park Garden Community Development’ south of Fellgate, South Tyneside.


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This is what you said.

Robin Hunter: “Looks fantastic. Build in all the modern infrastructure people want right from a clean start. Makes more sense than burdening established communities which have stress on them already.”

Claire Murphy: “The traffic is already extremely heavy in this area, considering a lot of households have two cars these days but for arguments sake let’s just say 3,000 homes so 3,000 (probably more) extra cars added into that traffic, doctors are already jam packed so where are all these thousands of people going to go?”

Edward Philip Hilton: “Population is growing and housing is always needed so it has to go somewhere. Extra people and extra income for businesses in the area too in coming years.”


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Illustrative layout of  proposals for ‘Laverick Park Garden Community Development’ south of Fellgate, South Tyneside.

Mark Newsome: “A huge area of 'protected' green belt would be gone. Why swallow up even more green when brownfield sites are available?”

Kimberley Keeney: “Personally I don’t like the idea of a garden village as this will result in the loss of a huge green space within Fellgate.”

Barry King: “Travelling along the A194 will become a million times worse than it already is.”


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Adam Saunders: “Takes stress off the already bulging services and communities in the area, so why not?”

Ray Abbott: “There will be no green belt left in South Tyneside at the rate these houses are going up.”

Michelle Wall: “And people complain about the lack of housing. Can't win with the public.”