Jarrow MP advocates to protect NHS in transalantic deal post-Brexit

MP for the Jarrow Constituency has called on the government to protect the NHS from any transatlantic trade deal post-Brexit.

Monday, 10th June 2019, 3:20 pm

Stephen Hepburn MP is advocating for the NHS to be protected against any deal with our American allies following a no-deal Brexit.

Stephen said: “The Minister will be aware of the potential threat to the NHS from any transatlantic trade deal done by the EU. 

“Will he give a cast-iron guarantee that any post-Brexit deal done with the US will maintain the principles of the NHS, free at the point of use?”

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In response, Dr Liam Fox, Secretary of State for International Trade, said: “Of course post-EU it will be the Government and this Parliament that will determine what trade arrangements we have, not the European Union. I understand the hon. Gentleman’s passionate defence of the NHS: I trained and worked in the NHS as a doctor.

“Under this Government the NHS will not be for sale, and I would hope that is something we can agree across the House,” Dr Fox addded.

Stephen continued to say: 

“Theresa May stood next to Donald Trump as he said our NHS will be “on the table” in a US trade deal. 

“Our NHS is very precious and our health service must not – and never would be for sale under a Labour government.”

Stephen has promised to continue his work and press the government strongly on this issue at every opportunity.