Read Sir Bobby Robson's brilliant response to a Craig Bellamy rant at Newcastle

Kieron Dyer has revealed how the late, great Sir Bobby Robson silenced Craig Bellamy with a brilliant put down.
Bobby RobsonBobby Robson
Bobby Robson

Dyer and Bellamy played for Newcastle United under Sir Bobby.

Robson took his beloved club into the Champions League during a rollercoaster five years at St James's Park.

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Dyer, whose new book "Old Too Soon, Smart Too Late" is being serialised in the Daily Mail, has revealed one dressing room exchange between Sir Bobby and Bellamy.

"There was a lot of talk about the brats at Newcastle, but Sir Bobby Robson – the best man-manager I ever worked for – knew how to put us in our place," said Dyer.

"There was one game where he brought Craig Bellamy off early because he thought the game was won and he wanted to save Craig’s legs.

"When we got back to the changing room, Craig was cursing about how he was always the first one to be hooked.

"Sir Bobby grew exasperated and said ‘will you shut up'.

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"Craig kept jabbering away about the injustice and finally Sir Bobby snapped. ‘I’ll squash you, son, like an ant.’Craig looked a bit taken aback but after a brief pause, started complaining again.

"'Who are you?' Sir Bobby said. 'Ronaldo, Romario, Stoichkov, Hagi, Guardiola, Luis Enrique, Gascoigne: these are the people I deal with. And who are you?'

"The changing room went quiet. Even Craig went quiet. And then Craig looked over at me and said ‘he’s got a point, hasn’t he?’"

* "Old Too Soon, Smart Too Late" will be published on February 22 by Headline priced £20.