The 19 retro sweets you want to see back in your Christmas stockings this year

Christmas is coming - and food is on everyone's mind.
Which sweets would you like to see in your stocking this year?Which sweets would you like to see in your stocking this year?
Which sweets would you like to see in your stocking this year?

It can often dominate the conversation in the run-up to the big day - what will eat for lunch, what's on the buffet and what sort of treat should I have?

Whether you've got an eye for candy or see yourself as more of a chocolate fiend, everyone's got their favourite kind of edible stocking filler, but what's yours?

Do you prefer sweets or chocolates?Do you prefer sweets or chocolates?
Do you prefer sweets or chocolates?
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We asked for some of your favourite retro sweets, and you really delivered the goods.

Our mouths of been watering - so here are some of your ideas for which bygone days sweets you'd like to see on Christmas morning, delivered by Santa himself.

Here are some of your best suggestions for the sweet treats we'd like to see again.

Flying saucers: They may not have too much flavour, but the sherbet in the middle was out of this world!

You gave us some great suggestions for the best retro sweets.You gave us some great suggestions for the best retro sweets.
You gave us some great suggestions for the best retro sweets.
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Black bullets: Grandma and grandad's favourite - if you want something to really take you down memory lane this Christmas.

Pear drops: A classic combination, and you can't beat it. Beautifully coloured in yellow and pink, these will really set you up for those long car journeys over the Christmas holidays.

Sarsaparilla tablets: A flavour like no other - and you either love it or you hate it. But plenty of you want to see it back this Christmas.

Kola Kubes: Another soft drink favourite. Sugary sweet and the perfect treat for the cola lovers.

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Poor Bens: Liquorice is either a friend or a foe, but many of you just can't get enough of it. Who fancies some of these in this year's Christmas box?

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Which is the best of these retro chocolate bars?

Dolly Mixtures: These are still out and about in a lot of shops, but are they the same as they used to be?

Black Jacks: Perfect with its twin sweet - the Fruit Salad chew. Which was your favourite?

Coconut ice: A taste of the tropics - and you only had to go to your corner shop to get it.

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Rhubarb and custard: There's nothing better than a British pudding - but if you're pushed for time, one of these beauties will do.

Cherry lips: If you're lucky, you'll probably still spot these jelly sweets when you're out shopping.

Pineapple cubes: Fruit and refreshing, with a sugary kick!

Sherbet lemons: Albus Dumbledore's favourite, and one of yours too. They take you back to getting a quarter of them at the local sweet shop.

Spangles: Treacle, liquorice, mint humbug or fruit flavoured?

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Texan bar: There'll never be another chocolate bar quite like this one. A nougat centre covered with thick chocolate - the dreamiest of treats!

Spearmint chews: Craving the sweet taste of spearmint? Look out for the red, white and green wrapper.

Butter brazils: Not easy on the teeth, perhaps, but definitely easy on the tastebuds.

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Cabana bar: From the Cadbury vault - chocolate, coconut and cherry. What's not to love?

Holland's toffee: Either in a slab or as a sweet.

*Thank you to everyone who shared a sweet suggestion with us! If you want to get in touch with our nostalgia correspondents for a story idea, or to share a picture, please contact Chris Cordner for the Sunderland Echo and Hartlepool Mail, and Peter French for the Shields Gazette.